Black Garlic

This is black garlic bbq sauce that we use to coat the¬† pork belly on the 4th course of the tasting menu. It’s served with turnips, cilantro, malted barley powder, and worschester powder. Black garlic is a wonderful Korean ingrediant that Chef Brock has been using for years. He first introduced me to it during my first stage at McCradys and its uses are endless. The garlic is aged for 4 months and develops a delicious sweet molasses flavour as well as turning jet black which is super cool.


Ginger Root

Happy 1st Birthday to our Root!

1 year McCrady’s Ham

This is our year old McCrady’s ham made from our own pigs. The fat on it was amazing. You could smell the acorns the pigs had been feeding off of.

Country Pate

Country Pate with pickled ramps and sicilian pistachios. This is wrapped in sheets of sweet potato that have been compressed with ramp pickling liquid.

Cutten Pig

Chef Brock and the Sous chef Travis breaking down one of our pigs.

Getting back in the game

I realized that I have thousands of awesome random pictures¬† concerning everything we do in the restaurant on a day to day basis. I have decided that I will try to put a new one up everyday that I can. This time it’s 50 pounds of pickled ramps. Chef has the best ramp pickle recipe. I could eat these all day! Last year during the ramp season we got well over 500 pounds and pickled so many that we’re still using them now. It’s pretty cool to have these delicious treats on hand year round.


Turn all starches into broths. Rice, potato, grits, and so many more