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tomato 006 I was cleaning morels at work yesterday when I realized that I was up to my elbows in beautiful delicious Morel mushrooms, and as cheesey as it sounds I was extremley grateful for it. Working at McCradys has opened up a lot of great oppurtunities to work with great produce and people.  I wanted to say thanks to Sean and the entire staff. My culinary world has been expanded because of you and I think that is f**king awesome!!!!!


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  1. lucky. i ate at mccrady’s about a year ago and left sean a bag of montana morels i picked myself. i just stopped snowing here a few days ago and i hope to find more. you are a lucky man to be working under the culinary god that is sean brock



  2. Looks like you are trimming the feet of the morels. Do you use them in other dishes, stock or soup? I have to tell you that after spending many hours up and down the hills foraging for morels, we eat every last tiny morsel of it, feet and all!

    • We use the feet as a puree or stock or any other application we can think of. We try not to throw anything away.

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