Day at the farm

tomato 016 I love our farm, its half the reason why I moved here. Wadamalaw island is a very special place. I can’t begin to explain the feeling I get when I’m there. I met chef at the farm yesterday and pulled up to 750 tomato plants that Sean had planted by himself the morning before (what a mad man). The amount of work I’ve seen him get done in a day by himself is stupid. tomato 027

I needed a little help from Jenny, but we got most of the plants staked up before I spotted a copperhead in the stake pile. This pile by the way is about 10 feet away from 10 boxes containing the 500,000 bees that we have on the farm. After seeing the snake it got a little dicey but all in all a kick ass day at the farm. Can’t wait for many more to come!


One Response

  1. 750..? Damn thats a lot of tomatoes….

    You are having fun aren’t you…?

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