farm-027 This is one of the main reasons I came to work at McCradys there charcuterie program is wonderful. This is a picture of the plate we’ve been putting out lately but it changes obviously because different sausages finish at different times so the picture shows Salamie Nostrano, Spicey Fino, pumpkin spiced lonzino, Waygu Bresola, Rabbit Mortadella. The garnishes are craneberry and apricot mostardo, pickled beets, radishes, pickled carrots, pork rillette, and red ribbon sorrel. Having access to these types of things has truly been a dream come true and I’m very thankful for the opportunity.


2 Responses

  1. Way to go!!! Chef Angelo was kind enough to give Deirdre & I a small portion of your Polyface beef pepperoni. I’ve got to say, I’m from Philly and have been (many times) to the Italian Market in South Philly and have NEVER had pepperoni like yours! We can NEVER buy store-bought again…..You ROCK! BTW….we’re swimming in multi-colored Amaranth plants 🙂


  2. Jeremiah…..chef angelo gave us some of your pepperoni that has to the best we’ve ever had! That’s saying something, me coming from Philly. AWESOME!

    Best to Jennie

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