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charleston-mccradys-009 Some of you might be wandering why I haven’t posted anything in a month. There is a good reason and its not that I’m just lazy. About two weeks ago I moved to Charleston SC to work for Sean Brock at McCradys restaurant. I started out there as a line cook about 10 days ago and I absolutely love it. Some people might think its strange to take a big pay cut and drop down to a line cook job after having already worked hard to become a sous chef but if you know anything about Sean  Brock and his level of cooking you would understand the experience is well worth it. The amount of tools and ingredients in this kitchen are amazing, and I feel very grateful to be there. So from now on I will be updating my blog with the things that I’m working on at McCradys, which will be very interesting, but if you want the whole picture go to chef Brocks  blog pingislandstrike it is listed as a link to the right of this blog and it’s incredible.

By the way this is a picture of chef Brock with some hams and bacon that just came back from the smoke house at his farm they were gorgeous.


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  1. You made the right choice…. Good things will happen jeremiah , i promise in the most unexpected ways…

    Should i join you for a stage in MAY…?

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