French Laundry

The French Laundry, what an incredible place. I was lucky enough to be granted a stage there because of my good friend Ben Thompson (who by the way is a total bad ass cook) He is currently the poissonier there. I am told that they normally do not allow stages unless you are trying to get a job there (which wasn’t the case for me) so I am very grateful to Ben for his hard work which is undoubtedly the only reason why the chef  granted his request that I be allowed to come and stage.

5 30 am That is what time my first shift started. I showed up at the back door to the comis kitchen and was escorted in by the head comis. Let me just say that I have never and probably will never see a kitchen that clean and organized in my life . Everything and everyone had its place. The attention to detail there is second to none, and not just for the food. I tried to place some asparagus back in the reach in that had a label tilted at a 10 degree angle and the sous chef noticed from across the room and instructed me to fix it immediately before placing in the fridge.

This attention to detail is what shot that restaurant to the top and has kept it there for over 10 years now. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to bring my camera or any other device into the kitchen so there is no pictures from inside but you can always read the book ( It really is that clean all the time) It was an incredible experience I learned a great deal about organization and cleanliness and the perfect production and execution of great food. However I will say that spending time with my good friend Ben in the mountains alongside the Napa valley doing wine tasting at little hidden vineyards was the highlight of the trip. Thanks Ben and Reagan you were amazing host, I’ll remember this trip for the rest of my life.


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