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Charcuterie Production

Soppresata Calabria style and Rossette de lyon are the 2 salami that we worked on this morning. I have to say that working on making our charcuterie program a reality has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. It has almost been 6 months since the idea came to mind after spending a lot of time at McCradys restaurant with Travis Grimes who opened my eyes to the world of charcuterie. He was an amazing teacher which is a great deal of help in this area especially because of the inherent dangers that go along with dry cured meats. If you don’t know what your doing and you don’t follow every detail to the T you can very easily hurt somebody which is obviously the last thing any cook would want to do. He is quite a stickler for the details and he passed that on to me and I cant thank him enough for that. Those details are also the reason why we’ve taken so long to get the bowl rolling because until you have all the necessary ingredients and materials for any job you shouldn’t start it. So Thank you Travis  this has been a wonderful experience for me. Thanks to Angelo as well without his passion for cooking and his willingness to start making salumie this wouldn’t have been possible.


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