Komi Restaurant

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of dining at Komi restaurant in Washington D.C.  It was to date the best meal I’ve ever had. Johnny Monis is truly amazing, the simplicity of his food was captivating. No fussy presentations no frill just unique flavour combinations executed extremely well.                                                                                                                                            My timing couldn’t have been better since he just moved to number one in the D.C restaurant poles. The only downside to the entire evening was that there are no pictures allowed within the restaurant which for me is a huge disappointment. However it does make perfect sence with the minimalistic environment he has created there. After receiving the first course all of my issues disappeared. There is no written menu for the tasting menu and without the aid of a camera it makes it extremely hard to remember what exactly we had especially with the 8 glasses of wine that were expertly paired with my meal, and the over 18 courses we received. The meal started with 7 courses of raw seafood preparations all of them were of very high quality. Then we received a tray of small snacks including a savory goats cheese smore that was absolutely delicious. After that we moved into several pasta courses then into their signature dish which is a roasted baby goat shoulder with pita bread and traditional condiments. It was so good I would’ve eaten it all night . From there we went into several pre-desserts ending with several simple but delicious desserts.

There was one course that I left out, it was there house made charcuterie plate and it was absolutely delicious. Curry scented soppresata, mortadella, and hunters loop , with red onion charred mustard and house made charred sourdough. It was the highlight of the evening for me. This was an extremely wonderful meal that was well worth the money at 125 a person I recommend that you save up and go.

PS    Thank you very much Angelo for getting me up there.


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  1. Damn you you beat me to it again….
    I posted a little something on the blog with links about virginia bloggers so you know you were ther from the get go… I will be taking a trip for the next 3 weeks to Greece so i hope i bring back all that matters….
    I hope the stage goes well please take a lot of pictures….

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