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Local Chestnuts

Local Chestnuts
Local Chestnuts

Bring on the cleaning


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  1. Hey Jeremiah!

    I’ve heard so many great things about you. I have no doubt you’re an amazing addition to the Ivy Inn. I also think you know my sister-in-law…Ana Steele? Have we met before?=)

    I am the proud owner of Perfect Flavor Ice Cream. We buy from Harvest Thyme as well. We source every single ingredient locally, including raw milk which we pasteurize on site. The only things we can’t get locally that we use are chocolate, vanilla, coffee, sugar, and some spices, which we get from small family-run businesses who sell organic and fairly traded goods ONLY.

    Deirdre and Phil sing your praises, and it was through their new and awesome blog that I found yours. My blog is also linked from their site, however I fear it has been a month since my last post—I just got married and went very far away for two weeks to celebrate!

    Anyway…I’m writing to get some advice. What’s your preferred method for processing chestnuts? Last year 15 pounds took me all day. I had fun, but I’ll admit I’m not too keen on spending my day with wrinkly fingers and a paring knife. It looks like you cut the chestnut in half? Blanched or not blanched? I’m so curious. My method has always been a la Julia. I’m SO open to alternatives!


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