Trip to Harvest Thyme Herb Farm

This weekend i decided to make the beautiful drive down to Stauton VA to visit Harvest Thyme Herb Farm. Let me just start of by saying I’ve never in my life felt so welcome and comfortable at some one else’s house. From the moment I got there they were incredibly gracious and inviting. Im going to go on record saying that, that was the most fun i’ve had on a Sunday afternoon in years.

To be able to see where all there immaculate produce and herbs come from was truly a treat. It is very rare in life that you find people that dedicated to there work. But when you do it is really inspirational. They took my girlfriend Jenny Mooney and i on a tour of there property. Showing me every garden and bed they had it was incredible I took over 200 pictures and i was only there for 3 hours.

I have so much more to write and so many more pictures to come but i have to get to work right now so bear with me and ill have the rest of the post up tonight. i just had to get something up i was so excited.


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