Trip to DC

On my recent trip to Washington (which was extremely last minute) i had just enough time for 1 lunch and 1 dinner. Because of the fact that i decided to go on a Sunday my options were limited as well as the fact that most of the great restaurants require a reservation made at least a month in advance which left me with little to choose from I already new i would be going to Equinox for lunch because the Owner of the Ivy Inn Angelo is very good friends with Todd Gray the owner of Equinox (they used to cook together at Galileo) so that was planned and i was excited to eat there. Dinner on Sunday in DCwas a different story. With not many options i decided to try Cafe Atlantico based upon the fact that i hoped i would have been able to talk them into throwing together some extra courses or that some young sous chef would be working and just itching for the chance to cook for someone who asked to be hit with there best shot.

 All I’ll say about cafe Atlantico is don’t go there with any expectations or preconceived notions that it will be anything like Minibar. That having been said I had 11 courses there 6 of which were on there pre fixe tasting menu and 5 extra 2 of which i had to order on my own and 3 that i convinced to waitress to have the kitchen tag onto our tasting menu. I’ll first state the one thing i was very perturbed about. The second course on there tasting menu is “MINIBAR TREATS” so you think A. there will be more than one hence treats plural and B that it will be something exciting. Wrong the MINIBAR TREATS consisted of a deep fried ball of julienned beets, thats it. Most restaurants wouldn’t even have served it as an amuse.

Good, now that is off my chest I can move on the rest of the meal was okay with 1 very good course (that is pictured below). Oyster slightly warmed with pineapple, micro cilantro, and crispy rice, that was great. The rest were okay at best. With micro cilantro and crispy rice on everything as garnish(got old really quick). The rest really isnt even worth wasting your time with so Ill move on to much better things like Equinox.

My lunch there was extremely good. The 6 courses i had are pictured below in an earlier post. Everything was done perfectly i couldn’t pick out a problem with any of it. Just simple food with great ingridients extremley well exicuted. Todd Gray was also very hospitable i look forward to returning to his restaurant very soon.

1. Foie Gras in a jar with blackberry jam, pickled tomato salad, and toast points

2. Fried Green tomatoes with country ham balsamic syrup

3. BBQ smoked salmon with fingerling potato salad and greens

4. Pork loin with sweet and sour Eggplant crispy sweetbreads and buttered leeks

5. Peach dessert tasting

6. Bannana cheese cake ( best dessert i’ve ever had

Oyster Dish from Cafe Atlantico

Oyster Dish from Cafe Atlantico


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